About us:

Empowering Yorkshire

We, at the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament, are campaigning for a referendum on the future of our county, with a devolved parliament and administration at its heart.

We are not a party political organisation.

We do, however, believe that our county has a hugely untapped potential. To tap into that potential requires that the people of Yorkshire be empowered: empowered to make our own decisions; empowered to invent and innovate, and to nurture our county; empowered to invest in our infrastructure; empowered not only to protect but also to enhance both our built and rural environments for future generations.

It requires a genuine and lively debate; and the freedom to draw and implement our own conclusions after that debate.

We believe it requires a Parliament for Yorkshire: a parliament where every citizen’s voice is heard and where every citizen’s vote counts. It requires a parliament whose aim will be to transform Yorkshire into one of economic and social prosperity and inclusion; a parliament fully committed to the ecological sustainability of our county.

This website explains more about our campaign to empower the people of Yorkshire and our vision for a Yorkshire Parliament, but we also want to hear from you, your ideas for the campaign and the future of our county.