How you can help

Any help that you can offer will be fully appreciated whether you can only offer a few hours every so often or if you can commit some time every week, we would like to hear from you.

There are lots of ways that you can help out, for instance we need people to:

  • Organise or help out at a local street campaign in their area
  • Contact the voluntary or community groups in their area and offer to go along to talk to them about the campaign
  • Put forward a resolution in support of the campaign at their Trade Union Branch, local Trade Organisation, Chamber of Commerce or political party association or branch.
  • Organise or sign a petition

If you prefer, you can help out from home, we need people willing to:

  • Use their IT skills to help produce publicity materials or use excel to maintain records
  • Write to their MP, Councillor or local Council leader demonstrating support for the campaign.
  • Maintain contact with the local press and radio station on our behalf
  • Share information about the campaign via their Facebook page, Twitter or other social media.
  • Invite members of their family, their friends and neighbours round for a chat about the benefits a Yorkshire Parliament will bring the county.

However you can help or amount of time that you give, your contribution will be much appreciated.