Our Vision for Yorkshire


The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament stands for empowering you, the people of Yorkshire to make decisions about our county’s future.

This starts right now as we begin to create a new vision for our county. A vision capable of helping persuade HM Government, members of the Westminster Parliament and others that its not only in Yorkshire’s interest but in the interest of the whole nation to let go of their grip on our county.

We envisage three long-term outcomes for our county:

  • An inclusive Yorkshire
  • A prosperous Yorkshire
  • An ecologically sustainable Yorkshire

But what do these fine aims mean in real, practical terms.

What powers will our parliament need from Westminster in order to achieve this great vision for our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Yorkshire girls and boys?

That is for you to decide!

Over the coming months we will speak to as many as possible of our fellow Yorkshire men and women, and ask you to help us draw this picture of Yorkshire’s future.

Look out to see people’s responses on here as we receive them.

It is time allow Yorkshire to dream of a better future!

It is time to empower Yorkshire to achieve those dreams!

It is time for a Yorkshire Parliament!