A Yorkshire parliament

There is a strong feeling across the county that Westminster has continuously failed us and left Yorkshire behind. This is why we are calling for a parliament for Yorkshire with powers to govern the county in the interests of all our citizens.

Empowering Yorkshire requires a rebalance of power between the ordinary citizen, politicians and the government – a new way of making decisions.

It means doing away with the current zigzag approach typified by the adversarial style of government found in Westminster and most councils. Every time the ruling party changes so the ship of state shoots off in a different direction. As a result, progress is slow, wasteful and frustrating.

We want to replace this old fashioned adversarial way of doing things with one of co-operation and shared sense of direction

This parliament would have three key objectives written into its constitution: An inclusive Yorkshire, where every citizen would be given the opportunity to fulfill their maximum potential whatever their background or part of the county in which they live. This will require a prosperous Yorkshire capable of competing with the rest of the world to provide the jobs and income required to provide the necessary opportunities and thirdly an ecologically sustainable Yorkshire, fit to pass on to our children, grandchildren and future generations of Yorkshire boys and girls.

Members of the Yorkshire Parliament would be elected on their ability to deliver on these three key objectives on behalf of the people of the county, not for their party political dogma and prejudices on behalf a particular sect or interest group.

Ideas for government would emerge from our new approach to empowering the people of Yorkshire. We firmly believe that the public is highly capable of both grasping the issues and of bringing much-needed knowledge, experience and expertise to the table of government themselves.

Members of the Yorkshire Parliament would be elected under a fair voting system or proportional representation in place of our current first-past-the-post system. This way, every citizen would be fairly represented; every person’s vote would count.

Such a parliament of course, cannot achieve its objectives in isolation. New partnerships would need to be formed with central government, the local government, other devolved authorities, large and small employers, our universities and colleges, trade unionists, faith groups and other interest groups

The key thing is that a Yorkshire Parliament would be able to put Yorkshires interests first, fight for a fair deal for our county and its people both on a national and international platform.