Competing Internationally

For economic growth to happen, our businesses need to be in a strong position to compete internationally.

We have already talked about how encouraging individuals in their pursuit of reaching for the stars and the significance of an inclusive attitude has in creating economic growth and stability.

There are however other ways in which a Yorkshire Parliament can encourage the export of our goods and services.

The Parliament would be responsible for helping build the county’s reputation as a good place to do business: marketing the county abroad. One suggestion is to adopt a ‘made in Yorkshire’ gold mark to symbolise the quality of Yorkshires goods and services.

But it’s not only about competing in trade, but leisure and cultural pursuits too. We all know just how uplifted and proud we have felt when one of our marvellous team of athletes has won a gold or silver medal. These things don’t happen by accident of course, athletes of any kind, and at any level need the appropriate encouragement and training facilities to pursue their goals.

The same principle applies to those involved in the arts and other creative activities.

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