Why a Parliament?

We share our Council Leaders ambition for a single ‘One Yorkshire’ devolution settlement. Where we differ is that they are calling for the election of a single Mayor to govern the whole of Yorkshire, whereas we don’t believe this to be in the county’s best interests.

We believe that only a Parliament is capable of representing every corner of the county fairly and the needs and aspirations of all our citizens.

The kind of Parliament that we are proposing will allow all of us to have a much greater say in our own and our county’s affairs, resulting in less partisan bickering across the chamber.

Common sense, based on what the people really want and a more widely shared consensus will be allowed to prevail in place of the current political bias.

As more and more people become involved, the better, stronger and more reliable decisions will follow.

People are more likely to feel that they belong and are in control, respect each other and feel proud of their county.